The world first Virtual Cloud Incubator is here for start up’s & entrepreneurs.

Olaxr® is not just a freelancing global engine but the first cloud based Virtual Incubator & Accelarator too. Normally a business incubator in business speak is a company that helps new and startup companies to develop by providing services such as management training or office space
Business incubators differ from research and technology parks in their dedication to startup and early-stage companies. Research and technology parks, on the other hand, tend to be large-scale projects that house everything from corporate, government or university labs to very small companies. Most research and technology parks do not offer business assistance services, which are the hallmark of a business incubation program. However, many research and technology parks house incubation programs.
We at Olaxr® provide for the first time a cloud based Virtual Incubator to everyone. Either you are an entrepreneur, startup, freelancer or having any brilliant idea that can enhance the lives of people or if you are dreaming to develop something Olaxr® is the right place for you globally.
With Olaxr® Cloud Virtual Incubator you do not need office space or services that cost you as startup or entrepreneur. We will handle that extra cost part for you by our global virtual plate-form and you can only focus on the idea. Over here with quality experts from all over the globe to accelerate the project saving you a lot on hiring resources and services.
Connecting Everything Everywhere Virtually!!

March 23, 2017